Zuberoa Aznárez will also sing on Dark Sarah’s new album!

Soon revealed the other guest musician’s name.

Heidi Parviainen and her team are about to release their new album, The Golden Moth, but there is no information about the exact appearance of the album. With a music video, the finnish band, which is the title of Trespasser, has been wedged the fans, and Juha-Pekka “JP” Leppäluoto is also featured in the video just like in Dance With The Dragon last year.

The new album’s system is the same as Dark Sarah’s first two discs: Dark Sarah has left her fiancé, hence the downpour of the shadow. Behind The Black Veil was the first chapter that was released in May 2015, and in November 2016 came The Puzzle. On the previous album, in the middle, we can see Sarah in the underworld, who tries to get back to herself.

However, in the new release, the young woman has emerged from darkness and this album is also the last chapter of the trilogy. The band on record worked with renowned guest musicians, and yesterday the first name was announced, which is the singer of Diabulus In Musica, Zuberoa Aznárez the spanish symphonic metal singer. It is possible that we will see her in the next video, and we know that it can be pre-order the album on this link.



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