Year Rating 2018

In this year, Femmezin has achieved a lot of things, but not achieved many things, so we’re going to get even faster next year and step to a next level.
At the beginning of the year we started the season to write history.
At the beginning of spring we had a free entry in the S8 Underground Club, where we could have many interviews with several renowned bands (Pokerface, Void Inn, Beneath My Sins etc.).
In addition to Barba Negra and Dürer Kert we had also made interviews with renowned performers such as Nervosa and Null Positiv.
Our team is constantly expanded, including also a marketing administrator, Ivett with whom subsequently owed a great deal.
The summer season would have been filled by the Festivals but unfortunately the slope started here.
We would have been accredited to Rockmaraton and Fezen as well.
Unfortunately, almost everyone left me alone from the team, so we had to forget the accreditation.
Our biggest achievement was the accreditation activation to Wacken.
We could have made history, but unfortunately, because of lack of staff, this didn’t happen, so Femmezin was blacklisted.
Unfortunately, the biggest downfall, which almost meant the end of Femmezin occurred in August when unknown people to the outside, publicly maligned our brand, so the team disbanded and looked Femmezin’s name that would permanently a bad omen.
But we didn’t give it up!
We organized a two-day birthday party that was already in the finish when the catastrophe occurred.
As a result of the public defamation and discouragement, unknown people, our team was scattered.
Before the fall season we had to start a completely clean sheet without knowing what would happen.
We can pull the rollout or we can wash our name clean.
We started the fall of 2018 as an International Female Metal Magazine.
I start again Femmezin with a new colleague, Endre, but unfortunately no further construction was possible because I did it alone and that was a lot of work for me.
Nevertheless, I managed to interview with teams I have been very eager to interview.
Those were Leaves’ Eyes, Melissa Bonny, Alessia from Temperance, and finally I talked with Floor Jansen, the singer of Nightwish.
You can read the interviews soon.
This latter was the last interview of the year because, unfortunately, neither with Within Temptation, neither Beyond The Black and Myrkur, I couldn’t talk.
So sorry about this concert were missed.
So now I close this year and I trust that the next year will be more crowded and finally we can make history.
Even in the fall season, I managed to make a media partnership with the 70,000-Tons Metal organizers, which is one of our greatest achievements.
We would have been able to accredit to the Festival, but we canceled it because of the huge prices.
A few weeks ago we entered a level up through the ranks, since I raised the whole level brand to the business level, so now we have serious base available, which we can build on.

Femmezin 2.0

Next year we rise the Femmezin brand to a new level, starting the year with a new campaign and build an international-level booking, which will bring it back to where it was interrupted this summer and where it should be now.
With Ivett we would have reached this level even in the autumn season, but after Ivett’s departure it did not succeed.
Now, however, we have the opportunity to get even higher by using a professional marketing tool.
Early next year we’ll start a Crowdfounding Next Level Campaign and we’ll build a new team who will help us writing articles and organizing events and make interviews.
Next year, the festivals and the birthday party will not be missed.
In 2019, we will organize more own events (such as Gothica, Cybergoth and the big launch, Femmezin Open Air, for which the venue was already being screened).
There are still a lot of things to do about it, but we trust the best.
In addition, we have plans to build our own publisher and record label, and we also plan for more giveaways and campaigns.
We want to make more collaborations with labels, organizers, etc.
We also want to launch our own online radio station, and we will be able to make the Magazine available online.
The preparations are already on the way.
We will also like to celebrate the festivals next year, so we will start organizing the accreditations in the near future.
In 2020 we’ll travel to the 70000 Tons Fest!
Much has happened this year, which is what we are proud of and what we are not.
But one thing is sure: Femmezin managed to cleaned its name and be prepared for the big rolls and a new level.
As an international brand, enjoying the trust of renowned performers, I am grateful to say that we have taken our legs on the market and are ready to further build the brand and continue to do what we started.
We would like to reach the 10,000 like magic limit that will be a huge achievement!
Stay with us and stay tuned also in 2019!

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