Xandria will return to stage with Aeva!

It was a difficult time for the German band, Their latest singer, Dianne van Giersbergen, went out last year, who was struggling with tears to tell us what was going on to make this difficult decision. Her statement finally made a big leap, as after a long time the former singers of the band has also spoken.

The guys, however, did not go for a long time because they had continued their tour with Aeva Maruelle (Aevarium), but for almost a month we can’t heard almost nothing from them. A few days earlier, they’ve announced that seven months later they had been allowed to talk to each other and next week with Aeva on board, they will be on tour again.

There is no available information on whether or not the German vocalist joins the band (as a regular singer), since it is common knowledge that the guys – after the number of singers changed – do not want to disband the band and even want to return with a new album, but it was not yet clear whether the songs will sings by Aeva or maybe they would find an another singer to Dianne’s place.

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