Within Temptation’s return

Recently, we didn’t hear much about the Dutch Within Temptation.
After their last album, their singer, Sharon Den Adel, has gone through a creative crunch that has led her to think she might no longer want to act as a singer of the band.
Her recovery helped to made a solo album called My Indigo in a completely different style.
All songs was written by Sharon.


After the release of the album, the band began to shine, so scattered news began to spread out.
They had previously announced their brand new European tour.


Recently released their first two albums in vinyl format.


Now, however, the band has given more and more mysterious posts to their community pages.
A new name appeared: Resist Temptation.


They have renamed their group and their website is also listening to this name.
Could the band have change their name?
And a mysterious singles title also appeared: Free?


Will this be a single title or will it be the title of the new album?
We don’t know.
Of course, the band will be alive soon.
We are looking forward to the news.

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