Within Temptation-Supernova

The latest album, from Dutch Within Temptation, Resist, was released on February 1 and is a huge success!
There are several listings on the 1st place.
Recent singles are a huge success worldwide.
For their last single, In Vain, the team was made a lyric video.
In addition, they are constantly on tour and are waiting for them to spend everywhere.
The album has become a very powerful and energy-swellable material with a fast song along with one or two slow songs.
This is Mad World.
The Reckoning, Raise Your Banner, In Vain are already known from the album.
The other songs are mid-tempo and very powerful.
There are a total of 10 new songs on the disc.
True Top Album, which is right to apply for the album of the year.
Their latest video, Supernova, was released.

You can check the new video below!

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