Within Temptation pleasures some holiday videos!

Details from the past year’s Black X-Mas show!

The Sharon den Adel, leading Dutch band next year, will be giving a brilliant concert in Hungary, and we can also find out that the band’s new album is already underway and the singer has launched a solo project called My Indigo.

The band’s last major performance was the Black X-Mas in December last year at Poppodium 013 in Tilburg, and for a long time there was silence behind the formation’s house.

Sharon was on stage with Armin van Buuren and Tarja during the summer, but after that the team disappeared. As it turned out, no accident: the singer’s father was ill, and she had a minor crisis – she was not sure he wanted to continue her career as a frontwoman of the team that she founded.

Fortunately, the storm clouds have fled over the head of Sharon, and the new album will be release next year just like the singer’s solo album My Indigo.

Today, a small Christmas present was a favor for the fans, Spotify has three songs from last year’s Black X-Mas concert.

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