Void Inn: Interview with Jelena

The Void Inn band were formed in California, but based in Serbia, lead by Jelena Vojanovich, has recently hosted a kickass show in S8 Underground Club at Stadionok, Budapest, Hungary.
The place itself is a live music venue with two stages and two dressing rooms for the performers. One night at the foam halls, concerts take place on both stages. One stage is in the bigger hall, coupled with the bar counter.
The other stage is in a small room.
At the bar, drinks are available at affordable prices, so you can be consumed at a fair price.
At this evening, where I was attending, was accompanied by several bands.
In addition to the Void Inn, the Hungarian Karmanora band started to warm up the atmosphere. They play souldiving rock and now have their 504 titled EP recently released.
They were followed the Hungarian Lucy band. The guys play hard rock, which I can best compare to Green Day.
As the show slipped, the highlight of the night, the Void Inn band, was delayed a bit. They play dark hard rock and alternative metal. We had a familiar atmosphere, so we felt very great.
At the addition song, a member of Lucy was called together to perform a song that put the foam on the cake.

That evening even it turned out that Jelena is a very nice, direct girl. After the interview, which you can read below, she were invited me to talk and then played table football.

On the spot there are regular concerts almost every evening so you should pay attention to their Facebook page and their website, where all events are posted.

But now it’s the time for the interview with Jelena, which I was made with her before the shows.

01. I would like to ask you, tell me a little bit about the band. When and where did you formed? What do we need to know about you and your music?

“We formed in 2010 in Los Angeles, California and now we are recording our second album and we are playing the second time here in Budapest, our style is like hard rock and alternative metal like Metallica and Danzig a little bit.”

02. Why did you decide to move from L.A to Belgrade?

“That’s a really good question. When we’ve been there maybe like 3 years and I have my sister now there so I can able to possibility to go back there, I really like miss it.
Belgrade is a beautiful place for music also it’s amazing you know, lot of bands, lot of just in a one day you have you can see like hundred shows now it is amazing. But then we can back like person, because there are our families you know and that but yeah I mean go back and tell me once. Right now I think it’s really good ’cause like here we want focus in Europe you know so formerely beacuse of that.”

03. What should we know about the first album?

“We’d like to recorded 6 songs so that was also like that so I Can Hope the first album, and then the second album is gonna be also like 6 songs. We like to do it. We can promote it a little bit better. It’s easier to promote 6 songs like 10 songs. That album was released last year.”

04. Who are your musical idols?

“That’s a little bit hard question, because I listen to a lot of styles. Let’s be like the bands and the idols ok, maybe like Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Type O Negative, Black Label Society. My favorite vocalist is Geoff Tate from Queensryche. He is amazing.”

05. How much will the new album change?

“You know what, it’s a little bit harder, you know, stronger. We also changed a member, changed the drummer. This drummer is a little bit more you know, has more power has more briaties, so I think from retrospective is gonna be harder and also musically. I think we and also the sound is gonna be. We going to a really good producer, so the sound is gonna be more how can I say professional on a higher level, so I think you can expected. It’s gonna be release I think in April.”

06. Are you at the first time in Hungary? Have you seen anything from Győr or Budapest?

“It’s our second time. First time we were here in July with a European Tour with the greek band Scandal. So in Győr, we were yesterday we couldn’t see much, but today was really really amazing. I was so blown away for Budapest it’s beautiful. Like 5 hours just walking walking and see everything it’s amazing. It’s beautiful the architecture, you know and the culture, all the museums. You should be proud to live here.”

07. What are the experiences of yesterday’s gig?

“Oh we had a really good time! There were the guys from Lucy, oh my god, there had so much fun, you know, we were played, we have fun like actually, we did a little bit, what’s the name, when you combine the instruments, you know, so the guitars of Lucy played our one song and having fun. Really, really nice. I love to gigging to meet a lot of different people, that maybe the one of the five reasons I like to play, you know. You meet some people like you never meet in your life for example you.”

08. Are there any favorites from the famous bands or singers?

“My favorites are I feel all of time is David Bowie, I know it’s a little bit different music he play but I like to you know like Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, Sepultura.”

09. Which bands or singers would you like to tour with?

“I really know that. We talked about it and that would be Black Label Society’s songs are amazing or maybe Danzig.”

10. How do you spend your free time?

“That is a nice question, Ok, I like to workout, I workout 4-5 times a week, I really like that, you know, for the energy and everything, I like to cook, I like to read, I have a lot of animals, you know in the summer I like to do some gardening in the garden, foods, vegetables, I like to ride a bicycle.”

11. What are your favorite foods?

“I like to eat, everything, my favorite ok it’s called musaka, I don’t know you know it?
That one, It’s called sarma it’s from our country that one, I like gulash and I like cook.”

Thank you for the interview and good luck for the future.

“Thank you for the good questions!”


Photo with Jelena


My gift from Jelena! The first EP of Void Inn!

S8 Underground Club: Budapest, District XIV, Kerepesi út 26. (next to the Kerepesi út-Hungária körút corner, in the front of the exit of the metro line M2)

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