Visions of Atlantis: Album premiere and sad news!

Few days ago, the long-awaited new studio album from Visions of Atlantis has been released, which has been defined by the team as the most colorful work ever.

Their tournament, which is based on the numbers of the new record, started on February 9th in Wörgl, Austria, but recently they were shared a bad news on the band: Their drummer Thomas Caser is very ill, he sleeps at the turntables, but Clémentine’s throat is flushed and they were performed without their drummer on Friday night in Nijverdal, Netherlands and shortened the party for the sore throat of the French singer. The team asked for fans to understand, hopefully the health of both musicians will soon be ok.

The new album of the Austrian metal band, titled The Deep & the Dark, has been brought to the store shelves few days ago. The new line-up team shared the song “Return To Lemuria” with the audience, which also produced a lyric video. Subsequently, a preview was also published, within which we could listen to all the songs in the album.

Few days ago, however, the wait for the fans was over, as the novelty of the formation started today on its conquest, if that was not enough, a brand new music video has shared, and this choice fell to The Silent Mutiny.

You can also listen to the full album here:

Interestingly, the German TV channel RTL 2 used the Clémentine Delauney’s band The Deep And The Dark title as the undercover music of their Game of Thrones trailer, which is currently broadcasting the seventh season of the popular series. The special handset was also distributed by the Napalm Records through its official YouTube channel.

In the recent days the band shared more sad news with the fans on their Facebook page.

Their Berlin show has also to be canceled after the whole band has fallen. The concert that day was also canceled by a doctor’s counsel, and in the words of the band, they found >> tour bus influence. Of course, the band promised: as they would be better, they will be on stage in Berlin.

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  1. niphtrique says:

    Nijverdal, Wörgl and February 9th mentioned in one article. Just one of those peculiar coincidences.

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