Video Premiere: Xandria-Ship of Doom

As it is well known, the German band left their former singer, the Dutch Dianne Van Giersbergen on September 13, announcing her exit from her Facebook page on a video message, citing irreconcilable oppositions. Later this was a huge scandal in which two former singers, Manuella Kraller and Lisa Middelhauve expressed their views. The band was silent for a long time, and they also commented on the case.

On social networking sites, there was a war between commentators, many of them wanted to end of Xandria. Manu also commented on this in a separate Facebook post.

Subsequently, the band did not give up and although they’ve cancelled their joint tour with Kobra and the Lotus, they began their own concert with their new singer Aeva Maurelle, the frontwoman of Averium. Aeva was originally only a guest singer in the band, until they find their new permanent singer.
Two hours ago a new animated video was added to the YouTube channel of the band, which was made for the song Ship of Doom on the recent Theatre of Dimensions album.

In the song, you can hear Dianne’s voice yet and there is a guest singer, Ross Thompson from Van Canto.

You can watch the video in the following link:

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