Video premiere: Unleash The Archers

The Canadian Power Metal band was founded in 2007.
Their latest tour, the 2018 North American tour, they’ve announced for their new single, with a lyric video.
The song is titled Ten Thousand Against One
The song was taken from their Apex album released last year.

Comment of the band:

“When we finished recording ‘Apex’ and had to choose the songs that would be released as singles, we had a really tough time with it! There was no super obvious ‘single’ track to us, we just felt that they were all stronger together, so it was hard to decide which one would have to shoulder the burden of conveying the emotion of the record as a stand-alone. “Ten Thousand Against One” had been a contender from the start; that track really gets your hand banging! So we’re super excited to finally give it the ‘single’ treatment it deserves  😉 Hopefully, it gets everyone as stoked for this upcoming North American tour as we are! It’s a big one, we’ll be on the road for five weeks straight, so this is a shout-out to all of our fans out there: find a show near you and come hang out with us!!! We’re bringing Striker and Helion Prime along for the ride, so it’s going to be one heck of a PARTY 😉 See you all soon!”

Watch the video below:

The band will perform on the next year’s 70000 Tons of Metal Festival!

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