Video premiere: Trillium-Time to Shine

Amanda Somerville has demonstrated her talents and versatility in many projects, just think of Avantasia, HDK or Exit Eden founded last year. Now, however, another team, Trillium, has come back into the spotlight.

Amanda, who was a three-time mother in February, did not miss her during her pregnancy: she made a new album with the form, whose cover and track list has recently become public, and we learned that they are making a new video clip.

Few days ago a brand new short film for Time To Shine, released by the band on Facebook. The album will be featured on the shelves of the store on July 8, titled by Tectonic.

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  1. […] on June 8th with the Tectonic title, and we’ve seen the first song recently-the song called Time To Shine. Here’s the new single, Shards, which you can watch on […]

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