Video premiere: Rezophonic feat. Lacuna Coil-Mayday

Rezophonic is a musical project led by Mario Riso, which is 10 years old this year, and with several other Italian musicians and DJs, several Lacuna Coil members, Cristina, Andrea and Maus are also involved. The project revenue is for charity purposes. Previously, several common songs have been made. Now the entire crew of Lacuna Coil is involved in the new video clip of the Italian project, Mayday.

Cristina Scabbia is currently is a mentor in the Italian The Voice’s newest season, and the band is preparing their new album after they’ve released their anniversary book, Nothing Stands in Our Way and they’ve performed at Epica’s 1000th show.

You can see the clip of the common song of Rezophonic and Lacuna Coil on the link below:

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