Video premiere: Rage of Light-Judas

The Swiss-based trance metal band Rage of Light led by Melissa Bonny has produced some great songs and clips. And last year they released their first EP. Their latest song, released earlier this year, is entitled I Can, I Will. Then the team promised to make more songs this year. That is, we will hear more about the team than last year.

This is another proof of their new song/clip, Judas, which is the cover of the song of the American singer Lady Gaga which was released in 2011. In the video, similar to the original clip, the great Harley-Davidson motors appear, and in a club the band performs the song accompanied by dancers. The conservative people in the ranks of the audience love the style, and the whole club, even a priest on the go, is dancing, so a real party is formed.

You can watch the new video on the following link:

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