Video Premiere: Otep-To The Gallows

We recently reported that the californian Otep’s new album is in the making. Otep ShamayĆ”’s album titled Kult 45 and will be on store’s shelves on July 27, under the supervision of Napalm Records.

Earlier the singer commented about the album:

“It will betray all your senses. Not only will a message be sent to Trump, but also a warning to the citizens of the country …”

The frontwoman, who is openly taking on vegan and lesbianism, stands up to the full width of the waist with the acceptance of different subcultures – this theme will be on the new album.

“The art of music makes it possible for a nonviolent struggle. To The Gallows is designed to bring light to Trump’s affairs, supporters, health, LGBTQ, Afro-American, Spaniard and women.”

The album’s tracklist and cover the band has already shown.

The first issue of the new disc has recently become available here:

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