Video premiere: MaYaN-Dhyana

The Dutch MaYaN band, which is the other band of Mark Jansen, founder of Epica, will release its new album on September 21, which is titled by Dhyana.
On the new material, already sings the band’s second singer, the former singer of the Stream of Passion band, the Mexican Marcella Bovio.
We know about the new album that the band have been recorded it with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.
A lyric video has been released for a few weeks ago, for the song The Rhythm of Freedom

Now, however, they filmed a new video for the title track of the new album, so the audience can get another piece from the new album, which will be premiered on September 22 at the Tivoli De Helling Utrecht in Holland.

You can watch the new video on the following link:


The cover of the new album

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