Video premiere: Marcela Bovio-Scientist

We have known Marcela Bovio as a singer of Stream of Passion.
After the band’s breakup, she continued as a vocal teacher and joined the Mayan band, founded by Mark Jansen, whose new album she already sings as a second singer.
A few weeks ago, she revealed the news that she is making her second solo album, which is entitled “Through Your Eyes”.
The album will be released on December 7th.
Her debut solo album “Unprecedented” was released in 2016 and its special version “Unprecedented – the piano sessions” followed in early 2017.

Marcela says:

“On my solo projects I explore a more atmospheric and dreamy side of music, and combine classical musical influences with my rock and prog background.
I’m so excited about this album! It’s one of the most sincere and uplifting albums I’ve ever made. I hope you’re excited about it too!”

The cover artwork, which can be seen below, was created by Marcela’s sister Diana Bovio.


Cover of the new album

From the new album, the first single is for the song Scientist, with a lyric video was released.

Marcela said about the new video:

“An ode to artists and scientists coming together,  sharing ideas and looking for answers to the big questions of our world.” 

You can watch the new video here:

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