Video premiere: Imperial Age-Legacy of Atlantis

The Russian symphonic metal band, Imperial Age, lead by Alexander Osipov, will release its new metallic opera in digital format which also their second album, Legacy of Atlantis, on February 1, which will be release on February 20 at the store shelves via Adulruna Records.

A couple of weeks ago, the band gave an interview to our blog revealed that the record itself is a story about a Mage from Atlantis who realizes himself as the incarnation of an Italian female monk during the Middle Ages, and a lot of strange things start happening because of it. The nun goes to the abbotesse of the monastery, who in turn calls the Inquisition. The great Inquisitor comes, a fight takes place and eventually our Mage breaks free. How does it happen? You`ll know after listening to our new album
The two members of the band, Aor and Jane, share informations in the following video with us about the new album:

On Friday the lyrics video of the song, the new album’s title, came out, which gives a little taste of the record which coming in February.
The band is currently preparing for a joint tour with Therion, where several guest musicians will be present, and on March 13, Barba Negra will have a memorable concert.

The band is currently preparing for a joint tour with Therion, where a several guest bands will be present, and on March 13, and they’ll give us an unforgetable show in Budapest, Barba Negra.

On the new record, the members of Therion and Arkona are also guest stars.
Almost all songs are written by Alexander Osipov, recorded at CDM Records under Sergey Lazar’s hands.

The album’s tracklist is:

01. The Awakening [05:25]
02. The Legacy of Atlantis [06:19]
03. The Monastery [04:16]
04. Life Eternal [04:54]
05. Domini Canes (March of the Holy Inquisition) [04:45]
06. Love Eternal [06:15]
07. The Escape [05:24]
08. Islands in Time [06:10]
09. And I Shall Find My Home [05:01]

And here is the new video:


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