Video premiere: Epica-Decoded Poetry

We’ve just announced that one of the Netherlands’ most popular symphonic metal band, the 15-year-old Epica will give its 1000th jubilee concert on April 14, 2018, featuring several renowned bands including Lacuna Coil, Mayan and Myrkur.

Their latest album was released on September 1, 2017, entitled The Solace System, a 6-song EP featured the songs that were recorded during the recording of their album The Holographic Principle and they did not appear on the album. The EP’s include the Mexican singer Marcela Bovio, the formerly of Stream of Passion and the current Mayan singer.

From this EP the title song and the Immortal Melancholy have been released as singles and clips.

The two videos has began a story. A three-part story, which last part released today.

To see the new video, visit the link below:

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