Video Premiere: Edenbridge: The Die is not cast

You can order the concert album as well.

The Austrian band’s concert record The Live Momentum can be ordered from the team’s webshop – the disc contains 14 live songs and is available exclusively on the Internet. The album is based on the songs of the studio album, The Great Momentum, released on February 17, but some of the older hits are also recorded like the Higher.

As a mascot, recently presented a teaser the brigade leads by Sabine Edelsbacher and now, with the video of The Die Is Not Cast, the fans are overwhelmed – the recording can be view on Youtube. Earlier we learned that after the successful tour, their brother-in-law did not quarrel with their laurels, but started writing newer songs, but Sabine and her husband, the guitar-key Lanvall joint project, Voiciano also did not rest.

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