Video premiere: Brightstorm-Vampire

Recently, we introduced on this page the Brazilian Brightstorm band, which has a growing popularity with its symphonic metal music.
From their latest album, Through The Gates, they’ve released the new single and video for the song, Vampires.

Watch the video below:

The Brightstorm started its activites in 2012, when it had the firs single Under the Moon.
In 2013 released more two singles, Breathing in Death ans Taste of Wine with two studio’s videoclips and in 2014 was the launch of EP (with five tracks) Past in Flames.
We did a short tour to EP’s publicizing.
In 2015 the band are about to release its first album with eleven tracks, one of them being exclusive to Japan.
And participated in three videoclips for three movies from São José dos Campos.

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