Video premiere: Beyond The Black-Heart of the Hurricane

The Beyond The Black band, lead by Jennifer Haben, was formed in 2014 and they were released their first album, Songs of Life and Death, via Airforce1 Records on February 13, 2015. The record was a great success. This was followed a year later the Lost In Forever, which made the team even more successful and established their international reputation. The band played in 2014 at the world-renowned Wacken Open Air Festival.

In this spring, the band’s career has gained another milestone!

In May, Napalm Records signed a contract with them.

Thanks to this, the new album, Heart of the Hurricane will be released on August 31, 2018!

You can pre-order it here!


Cover of the new album

The first lyric video was released yesterday, which was made for the album’s title track.

As for the new record belongs a new tour, Jenni and the band are now on tour.

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