Video premiere: Be Under Arms-Fallen Man

Since 2013 Russian band Be Under Arms performs music that combines Groove, Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal.
Outstanding features of the band is an English – language military texts and social topics, and the tandem of male and female vocals, a dystopian atmosphere and a modern urbania.
Be Under Arms has three full-length albums and already has played three European tours.
They performed on stage with Caliban [GER], Black Bomb A [FR], Smash Hit Combo [FR], Infected Rain [ML], Sonic Syndicate [SWE], Jinjer [UA] and many others.


Vladimir Nasonov – vox
Anna Logacheva – vox
Stanislav Shtrih – guitar
Dmitriy Kashirin – bass
Denis Vinitskiy – drums


2013 – Way of the bullet [single]
2013 – Panem Et Circenses [single]
2014 – Let Shots Will Be Your Music [Album]
2015 – Locked and Bound [Single]
2016 – Doomed To Life [Album]
2016 – Good Soldier – Dead Soldier [Single]
2017 – The Long Walk [Single]
2017 – Evil Tales Of The Northern Country[Album]

The band recently released their new single from their latest album, Evil Tales Of The Northern Country.

The song called Fallen Man.

Watch the video below:

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