Video premiere: Arkona-V pogonie za beloj ten’yu

The Russian paga metal band’s new studio album, Khram, comes to the store shelves on January 19 and announced a couple of tournaments. Masha Scream and the guys have recently signaled that the first video, which was made available few days ago, is being made available on the disc – the V pogonie za beloj ten’yu song can be watch on Youtube.

The band talked about the song:

“The title of the song can be interpreted as ‘The search for the non-existent’ and the clip also shows an illusion, a search for something that can not be seen, something that actually does not exist, but we are looking blindly. The main character is an arcless silhouette, which symbolizes mankind, and this silhouette of water is about to reach the unreachable lighthouse on the other side of the world. It is fascinated by the light that is flashing from time to time, but ultimately it is lonely and lost in the water that lives on our lives – forever. “

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