Video & Album premiere: Dust In Mind-From Ashes To Flames

In early spring, the new single of French Dust In Mind, Open Your Eyes, was released, which was the forerunner of the new album that was about to be released.
In spring, they replaced their guitarist.
In summer we did not hear about the band.
At the end of September, the second single came out from the new album, called This Is The End.
At this point, the album cover and tracklist could already be known.
Then, on October 19, the ice was broken and the new album, From Ashes To Flames, appeared.


There are 11 songs on the disc with variable, fast, medium-paced and slow songs.
At the same time, the new  video for the title song has arrived, which was made with a special technic.

The band has worked very hard on the album and hopes that everyone will like it.
I will soon come with an album critic.

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