Vegan Metal Ladies

Although meat and other foods that are not of animal origin are difficult for many, more and more people follow the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles – in our article you can read about the choice of our favorite singers.

Charlotte Wessels


Delain’s singer is doing yoga in her spare time. This form of movement is strongly linked to the spiritual approach, and according to its followers, consciousness can be kept clean without ignoring meat. Charlotte follows this principle, but not just the esoteric orientation of her choice. According to her, her musicians during the tour when they struggle with stomach complaints are mostly due to some kind of meaty food. However, it consumes milk, eggs and cheese, but rarely.

Floor Jansen


The Dutch singer also has a few years in a Facebook post on eating meat. However, the post was removed after Nightwish’s management applied for this, as-as was often the case with such topics-a lively debate among carnal and vegetarian fans. Floor was semi-vegetarian for a while, meaning that it consumed fleshy and fish regularly, but later all kinds of meat were put into a blacklist.

Alissa White-Gluz


Arch Enemy’s frontwoman has been vegan since she was 13 years old, meaning she does not eat any animal food or honey. Alissa is one of the enthusiastic supporters of PETA, she does not wear real fur and skin, and turns her hair crown with the dye Manic Panic blue, the active ingredients of which are not tested on animals. The Canadian singer has seen her as a child of vegetarian parents, so it was not difficult to quit eating eggs, milk and honey – meat claimed to have not eaten in her life. Its incredible energy is due to its abundance of fruit, vegetables and grain.


The German singer, who was also known by Arch Enemy, for a long time, only waited for the meat, but resigned for some years on dairy products and eggs. The 43-year-old Angela -who plans to return to music next year as an active animal protector since the age of musical enthusiast. In several reports of this kind, the blubber on the acupuncture of humans has also been noted – in which the attention has also been drawn to the environmental damage of industrial livestock.

Liv Kristine


Since her early childhood, she is vegetarian of the former frontwoman of Leaves’ Eyes. In this connection, Liv told that in one of her childhood she had badly smashed her stomach with a fleshly meal, and she was sick for days and she had not been able to eat since. Later the lactose intolerance has emerged by the Norwegian singer, which is why not drinking cow’s milk. Liv’s favorites are fungal foods and tofu, but also for fruits. Interestingly, her exponent, Leaves’ Eyes founder, Alexander Krull and her son, Leon Alexander, are also vegetarians. Her son opted for meat-free diet, once hospitalized for food poisoning – Leon was ill with a fleshly meal.



Like to Alissa of the American Otep band’s wild-looking singer can brutally growling and singing clean – she was always a pet owner. Otep, who is openly taking on lesbianism, says animals are not ours, and we can not have their lives or deaths. She had been vegetarian for several years, but later became vegan.

Shirley Manson


The American Garbage’s Scottish-born singer has been telling in a PETA campaign years ago that she is vegan. Shirley, who is also famous for her saying, said of the fur wear: “Wear fur is garbage!” She does not eat any food of animal origin for a long time – perhaps this is the secret that the singer entering her 52nd year in this year can not get older.

Maria Brink

Maria Brink, vocals, In This Moment

Californian In This Moment’s charismatic singer has become vegetarian for her love for animals as well. Just like Alissa and Shirley, the 40-year-old Maria is also an enthusiastic activist for the PETA Animal Protection Organization, and in her interview on a mealtime diet she has betrayed her: she can not distinguish between animals, looks like a cat in a chicken – so she can not eat the meat.



Her maiden name is Lindsay Matheson, she has been strengthened since 2013 the British band Cradle of Filth with sings and keyboards. On the Metal Divas’ website, she told that her physical strength could be the result of regular sleep, meditation, and vegan diet. Of course, her hair is also painted with the product called Manic Panic, mentioned earlier by Alissa.

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