Tristania: New album and a baby

The team is in studio

The last album of the Norwegian band the Darkest White, was released in the year of 2013. Since then, it has not been possible to hear much from Mariangela Demurtas and his companions.

Tristania, who started its career with Vibeke Stene, re-emerges again: from an October Facebook post reveals that they are working on a new album. Yet does not know exactly when will the album ready, but the band is working on it with full force, Mariangela “Mary” is expecting her first a baby from her husband, Ricardo Amorim, the Moonspell’s guitarist, so we can soon get a new metal mother. The couple, however, got married in September 2015. The belly of the Italian-born bride is already very rounded, as shown in the photo. It does not know when she is expecting her baby’s arrive the southern beauty, but her old dream has been fulfilled with mildness, as she has repeatedly told herself that she wants a child as soon as possible. Congratulations!



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