Trigger from Serbia

Do you want to have some new music in your playlist?

Then you are in the best place.

I want to introduce you Trigger, the five-piece metal band, whose music is really colorful.

Trigger is a female fronted metal band from Belgrade, Serbia. Band is active on the regional music scene for the last decade releasing albums and performing live. Their music influences range from classic metal to gothic rock, played and produced in a modern mainstream metal way. Music critics described Trigger’s sound as exciting and intelligent rock,molded in heavy metal.

Trigger has grown as a band in a post-civil war Serbia in the Balkanized surrounding of ex.Yugoslav states. Their experience of growing up and living in a crumbling society and the will to rise above the circumstances engraved themselves into their music: energetic melodic sound with very dark lyrical content. Challenged, but at the same time, motivated by unfriendly environment that hasn’t got much love for heavy sound, band has proved to be a hard working unit. They endured against all odds and have been very active on the regional music scene throughout last decade.

Up to now, Trigger has released three full-lenght albums in Serbian and supported them, with a large number of live shows. Their music videos where in regular rotation on regional TV channels, including MTV Adria. Critics have lauded Trigger for the songwriting, but also for Milena Brankovic’s unique vocals. Dusan Svilokos’ guitar chops are universali recognized and he got endorsements by Gary Kramer Guitars and Scala Guitars.

While having a regional local following, the band has felt the need to represent its music to a wider audience for the long time. That’s why, in the last few years, they have put the emphasis on recording songs for their first album in English. New music keeps dark lyrical themes and heavy guitar edge of their previous work, while letting band experiment with the music. The band keeps focus on catchy riffs and memorable melodies, in four-minute modern heavy rock pieces like “What Have We Become?”, as well as in the nine-minute grooving behemoth “Abyss”.

Trigger is currently inducing tinnitus live, while secretly plotting new sonic attacks on music fans all over the world.


Bozidar mladenovic-Guitar

Dusan Svilokos-Guitar

Milena Brankovic-Vocal

Petar Popvic-Bass

Zoran Jovic-Drums

Critics about the band:

“This is pure-blooded metal sound, packed in a rock frame, loaded with power, ideas and most important with vision from which this band doesn’t give up.”

[Zoran Perin-Nocturne Magazine]

“Trigger is a unique, impressive and more than effective phenomenon in the Serbian and Balkan music spektrum.”

[Savo Karadzic-Serbian Metal Portal]

“Competent, loud and confident band, led by guitarist and songwriter Dusan Svilokos, supports powerful and incomparable voice of Milena Brankovic.”

[Aleksandar Zikic-Blic Newspaper]


Discovery of the year @ TV Metropolis Music Awards 2007

Best Breakthrough band @ Radio Belgrade 202 2008

Metal Album of the Year @ Indexi Regional Music Awards, Sarajevo, BIH, 2009

Balkanrock Chose the Best in 2012 @ Balkanrock music website 2012

Balkanrock Chose the Best in 2015 @ Balkanrock music website 2015

Album of the Year @ Serbian Metal Portal 2015

Here are some videos from the band:


“Don’t Feed the Cannibals”:

Trigger contact:




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