To Tarja had been predicted to leave Nightwish

In 2004, the album of the Finnish team, Once, was released, which was recognized worldwide by the band lead by Tarja Turunen. On the record, there were songs such as Nemo or Wish I Had An Angel, but a lesser cult is the Ghost Love Score, the Finnish Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijant, or Planet Hell.

In the bulky Bravo magazine report, Tarja, who was then 27, betrayed that she believed in the future, so the card brought her to a prophant whose name was Shoana, revealing the future of soprano beauty from a gipsy card and shirt.

Shoana says Tarja will have at least one child by the middle of her 30s. This came in as she was 35 years old she has a child Naomi and married to Marcelo Cabuli. The propagator also saw the tensions within the team that had been present since the release of the Wishmaster album –┬áit is now 4 years old.

“I see you must soon leave the band!”

– said Shoana seriously to Tarja, who was very surprised at the sound of the prognosis, as though there were indeed tense times in Nightwish’s life, she thought they could fix the problems.

On October 21 2005, the closing event of the one-and-a-half year Once tour was held at Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. This date was burned forever by the super-concert for the Nightwish fans, but also because the band’s male musicians -Tomas, Marco, Emppu and Jukka-had sent a letter to the singer. This letter, the following morning, had been known by the whole world: in this, they told to Tarja that they would not want to work with her in the future. The young talent was shocked and flew to Argentina after her husband trying to gather her thoughts – a few days later she also expressed her own position in an open letter.

The prophecy therefore came in, as hardly one year after the sight of Shoana, the beautiful voice artist and the team were separated. Nightwish has been playing with third singer Floor Jansen since then, and Tarja’s career has also been successful.

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