The Trigger releases new album ‘The Time of Miracles’

Female fronted heavy metal band The Trigger released their new album “The Time of Miracles” via Massacre Records!

The Trigger Promo 1

“The Time of Miracles” delivers a different take on a modern metal sound with its unique female vocals, downtuned heavy guitars and a touch of progressive and electronic music. During the one hour long run time of the album, band keeps focus on catchy, groovy guitar work and memorable melodies, but still takes risks and channels their progressive influences as in the nine minute album closer “Abyss”. The concept, lyrics and artwork of the album symbolically portray society’s fast decay and weakness of human nature, sarcastically describing the age we are living in as The Time of Miracles.

The Trigger already released two music videos from the album, “Pray” and “What Have We Become”, as well as the lyric video for the single “Don’t Feed the Cannibals” featuring Darko Živković from the band Downstroy.

The Trigger - The Time of Miracles

The cover of the new album

While The Trigger may be a new name for metal fans worldwide, the band has been very active on the regional music scene since 2005. They have released three critically acclaimed full-length albums in their language and have been supporting them with a large number of live shows. The Trigger is lauded for its tenacity and uncompromising attitude, Milena Brankovic’s unique powerful vocals and striking stage presence, as well as Dusan Svilokos’ songwriting and guitar chops. “The Time of Miracles” is their first international release in English language!


You can check out the album “The Time of Miracles” by following this link:

Here is the video for the song “What Have We Become”:

Music video for “Pray”:

Album track listing:

1. Pray
2. Don’t Feed the Cannibals (feat. Darko Downstroy)
3. Ashes and Bones
4. Kingdom Will Never Come
5. What Have We Become
6. Out of Clay
7. Boom (feat. Marko Manntra)
8. Used up and Dead
9. Good Dog
10. Happy New Year
11. Reality (feat. Vladimir Lalić, Emir Hot)
12. Abyss


More about The Trigger:

Massacre Records:

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