The secret was revealed! Sharon den Adel’s first song is available!

The song is called “My Indigo”!

In recent days, there was a lot of excitement around Within Temptation’s house, as the team betrayed: soon, we can learn a secret from their front lady, Sharon den Adel. Of course, the guesswork on leaving, disassociation, sickness, pregnancy, and minor panic emerged on the Facebook page of the band, as a couple of mourners felt at the end of the band’s career. However, there have been a number of fans who say we can expect a positive news, such as a new album or a tour. Some have also argued that at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest Sharon will represent the Netherlands.


Last night, in a popular Dutch talkshow, RTL Late Night, was the guest the 43-year-old singer, where she was scrambling for his fearsome secretary. Sharon has betrayed: she has been working on his first solo work in recent months, which is My Indigo – but there is no word about the dissolution of Wthin Temptation. There have been some speculations about soloing and ultimately the right thing for the fans to do that. The song is also available on the band’s website.

My Indigo can be heard on Spotify too. This is a completely different genre that what we used to be in the band, but in our opinion it’s a very catchy song. The band’s website also includes a tour on 27 January 2018, which is performed the singer with the british Maiden United.

On a Facebook video Sharon apologizes for the long pause, but we also learned that she had several problems in many areas of her life, but now she is overwhelmed by any difficulties, so her solo project may have been born.

My Indigo’s Facebook page you can follow here!

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