The Sabbathian: Occult Doom from Norway

The Sabbathian comprise two fundamental elements: doom metal, and the occult forces of nature and energy.
These elements brought together three individuals in the form of The Sabbathian.
Taking their roots to the core of true, heavy, darkened metal, the team draw an unparalleled ion from the likes of Candlemass and Black Sabbath, all while retaining a sound very personable to them.
The band was formed in Maine, Norway by Chad Davis (Hour of 13), the journey is to create music for the hours of darkness and gloom.
Joined by guitarist Joey Downs (Altar Blood), his contribution adds the element of power and everything the sense of heavy.
Featuring the sheer vocal beauty of Anette Gulbrandsen (Leave’s Eyes, Nattsol, Mäctätus) at the forefront, her alto/soprano vocal stylings bring forth medieval choirs and haunting apparitions that complete what is The Sabbathian: a journey into darkness, a voyage into the cosmic void unknown.
Formed out of the admiration of traditional and stripped down Doom Metal, reminiscent of Nemesis and early Candlemass and all things dark and gloomy.
With the debut mini-album Ritual Rites (September 4, 2014), the band has arrived as a force to be reckoned with in the world of modern-day occult doom rock, and will remain the top contender until death.

Cover of the debut mini-album

After that the band was silent until 2018, when Anette, the singer announced, they are working on the next album.

The album released on January 25 via Svart Records, entitled Latur Alterum.

There is a song on the album in which Anette sings a duet with her former colleague, Liv Kristine.
This song is called Head of a Traitor.

Listen to the song below:

Liv & Anette (Facebook)
Cover of the new album (Facebook)

Review the album here:

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