The Maidens Of The North don’t stop working!

Their next year is also listed

Veronique Männikkö formed her team last year, a special formation consisting only girls: each member represents one element. Veronique “Vero” is Dutch origin but her husband lives in Finland and they are still living in the Nordic country. The band originally has seven members, but now they have only six members – Sonja “Sledgehammer” Sipilä and Helena Haaparanta have recently left the band, but Vero and the other four girls – Satu Eronen, Laura Madekivi, Monika Forsman and Elsa Wellamo have not been disappointed. They are constantly writing new songs for their first album, which we’ve got a taste of in Carry Your Darkness.

Not long ago, on the band’s official Facebook page, they announced that they would not slow down in spite of the drop in staffing – between 11 and 14 October 2018, the FEMME – Female Metal Event will be held in Eindhoven, Netherlands, where the five-woman band is respected do.

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