The drummer of Xerosun left the band

The Irish Xerosun band has long been a member of the new material.
They were on the road and gave many shows.
In the last 6 years, a single EP has been published.
Last year they also participated in the series of Female Metal Voices Tour.
Now a sad news came out about the band.
Their drummer, Damian Dziennik left the team after 6 years.
The reasons didn’t go out, but it was stated that they had became friends and the band’s story continued.

“We are sad to announce that our drummer Damian Dziennik has decided to part ways with Xerosun.
We would like to thank Damian for all his hard work and high energy in the past 6 years.
Please join us in wishing him the best of luck in his next endeavours… we will see him on stage again for sure (and off stage as friends)!
A certain era has come to an end.
That being said – we are not slowing down.
In fact, we have been working on something rather exciting in the background, so do keep your eyes and ears peeled for further announcements on this page!



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