The Distillers are back!

The Californian punk rock band, The Distillers, led by Brody Dalle was founded in late 1998 when the Australian-born guitarist Brody Dalle and bassist Kim Chi met each other. That’s why they got their love, The Distillers. They joined the Detroit guitarist Ros Mazzola (who was a member of the band until 2002, replaced by Tony “Bradley” Bevilacqua guitarist) and the drummer Matt Young (who was the band’s drummer until 2000 and was replaced by Andy Granelli, who until 2005 up to the band).

The team had 3 albums. The first one in 2000, which is the name of the band. This was preceded by an EP in 1999. After the last track on the first album is an hidden track, which is an early version of Young Girl, which is in final album on the next album. But this version contains other lyrics and Brody was sang out by a single string electric guitar.

Their second album, Sing Sing Death House, was released in 2002 and two songs have been released from it: The Young Crazed Peeling and the City of Angels.
Andrew Bregman commented on AllMusic on the album: “A story with a typical ending of whimsical mosquitoes can rise and its music is so passionate and relatively positive as it is” and is called “authentic”. In 2003, Spin’s journalist Tim Kenneally wrote in the “Bands to Watch” article: “The band evokes the spirits of 1977 while [Brody] sings about urban threats, school shootings, and problematic youths.
The album landed on the 29th place on Billboard’s independent music list.

The third album, Coral Fang, soon followed its predecessor, as it was released in 2003.
In its speech, it contained rough lyrics and became the 7th most popular album in 2003 and ranked 27th in Blender Magazine’s 50th list. Q Magazine has been nominated for the 20th Best Album of the Year.
From this album, there are 3 singles, Drain the Blood, The Hunger, and Beat Your Heart Out.
Drain The Blood was nominated for Best Selling category in 2004 by Kerrang! Award.
The record dropped to 97th on the US Billboard 200 list and the 46th place on the British album list.

The band’s singer Brody Dalle and the Garbage’s frontwoman, Shirley Manson, are very good friends. They’are also sang together:

In 2006, The Distillers has broken up. Subsequently, in 2007 Brody tried herself in another project, Spinnerette. The’ve released an EP in 2008, which followed an album in 2009. The team has been inactive since 2010, its future is uncertain.

Brody was released the first and only solo album in 2014 with the title Diploid Love.
From this release, 2 songs were released as a clip, Don’t Mess With Me and Rat Race.

After that, there was a long silence around the singer’s life. It was not so long ago she became a mother, but music did not matter.

On January 18, 2018, the news came out, that The Distillers announced a reunion US tour.

The fans are really excited, including Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz, who is also a big fan of the band.

Great interests awaiting the gang’s concerts, which will return to the music scene in the 2005 line up.

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