The Dark Element is satisfied with their album!

The Swedish/Finnish team’s first album, titled after them, was brought to the store shelves on November 10. Earlier, Anette talked about the recordings and the album, and now Jani Liimatainen, ex-guitarist of Sonata Arctica, gave a few words about the works.

He repeatedly reminded with the ex-singer of Nightwish had been a great fan of each other’s work.

“Last year, the Frontiers record label called me and asked if I would like to be a songwriter on an album.”

-began the musician

“Although I was very busy, I thought about it and said yes, and then there was a surprise: it turned out I would work with Anette. Her voice is pop, but mature, I’m glad I can work with her. “


“We wanted to make a simple but yet metal album with heavy, but catchy tunes. I sent the music basics to Anette, and when she returned to me with her song, I said, “Yes, that’s it!” It has since become clear what kind of record we want to get together, even when I was sick, I was still working on the album! “

Jani betrayed: they received a lot of appeals and a couple of concerts have been fixed, the rehearsals are still behind, but he trusts the team’s success.

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