The cover and the tracklist of Kobra And The Lotus’ new album announced!

Last year, the team’s last album, which was titled Prevail I, was released. However, the Canadian band did not waste much of their time, as during the tour, the basics of the next set of records were formulated. Last year we heard about the release of a new album this year, which will be known as Prevail II on the shelves of the stores.

A few weeks later, it was announced that the novelty will be released on April 27th, and at the same time they’ve announced the cover of the album, which is similar to its predecessor. But the excitement is not over yet, as an official preview arrives in the month, and thanks to Kobra Paige, the tracklist was also introduced.

01. Losing My Humanity
02. Let Me Love You
03. Ribe
04. My Immortal
05. Human Empire
06. Heartache
07. Velvet Roses
08. Modern Day Hero
09. You’re Insane
10. White Water
11. The Chain
12. Let Me Love You (acoustic bonus track)


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