Temperance is on tour with Overtures’s background singer

We still do not know who takes Chiara’s place


Chiara Tricarico has been a member of the band from the beginning of 2013 – The reason for her removal that neither not she, not the band.

We recently wrote that the milan Temperance had been redecorated after four years working with their frontlady, Chiara Tricarico. For the reasons, none of the parties emerged, but Chiara has betrayed her private Facebook profile that she regrets the decision of her musicians, as she has made a lot of passion for music.

We also reported that a guest singer helped the guys on a minor tour in England but did not reveal her name. But now it turned out that they started off with the Italian Overtures’ background singer Alessia Scolletti, and two performances will surely be pressed together. However, it is not known whether the singer is a permanent member of the band or the boys are looking for a new vocalist.

Meanwhile, the removed singer does not even hang on. Chiara continues to sing, and although she does not reveal specifics about the pictures in her post, we can be sure she does not lose her talent.

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