Temperance introduced their new singer!

A few months ago, the Milanese team announced that they had fired their front lady Chiara Tricarico. The red Lady has strengthened the band since the beginning 2013, they made three joint albums, the self-titled first album (2014), Limitless (2015) and The Earth Embraces Us All (2016).

Chiara and the boys did not turn out to leave, but the singer said she was frustrated by the decision, as she had made a lot of passion for music. Later on, we wrote that an English mini tour, the Overtures’ background singer Alessia Scolletti will replace Chiara.

The fans have long been curious about the band introducing their new vocalist whose character was revealed today: Alessia remains behind the microphone, and on the new album, which will release on April 20, with the title of “Of Jupiter And Moons” we can hear her singing.

At the same time, the first song of the new record, which has been shown to the fans by the title composing of the publication, here it is!


Cover of the album

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