Tarja Turunen: Exciting news!

Huge excitement surrounds the singer’s brand new DVD, which will be the sequel to the 2012 release Act I. Almost everything is known about Act II, since the covers became known, and in the days became clear that fans would have the anticipated release from July 27.

Just to make the excitement even worse, Tarja has published an all-in-one video on her official Facebook page, which sketches out what the big deal can count on.

However, the Finnish beauty does not slip on her laurels: she has started recording her new studio album, which is foreseen to conquer the world in 2019. On Instagram she revealed that she is working on the new material, writing songs diligently.

On Act II there will be two concerts, one at the Teatro Luna in Milan and the other at the Metropolis in London – the last material of this concert, released the first live video for the song called Love To Hate.

Watch this video on Youtube!


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