Tarja: That sounds “Together” with Charlotte Wessels and Elize Ryd

Together performed the finnish singer’s new song!

On November 17, the wait for the fans was officially ended, as the founding member of Nightwish launched her Christmas disc with dark emotions that day, which was titled From Spirits and Ghosts (Score for a Dark Christmas). As we well-known, the album has well-known Christmas songs, but naturally a much darker and more frightening sound, as the album is for those who do not find joy in the celebration of love.

The vocalist revealed in an interview that the foundation stone of the album was actually her own story, since after her mother’s death in 2003, she had not been able to enjoy the celebration or even celebrate it for years. According to her, she hopes that the album she made will help the peopleĀ  who are in a similar situation, hoping that everyone will find happiness. The album lists twelve songs, including Tarja’s own song, called Together.

The Finnish singer is currently on tour with Delain and the Amaranthe bands, and the three teams gave a brilliant performance in Buenos Aires. It is well known that the vocalist who has been chosen as the voice of Finland is a surprise supporter, so now she has no rest for the fans with a duet.

At the concert, for the first time, the song that already mentioned above came to life with the addition of Tarja, Charlotte Wessels and Elize Ryd – with tears in the eyes of those present. Here’s a fan video of the special occasion:

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