Tarja spoke about songwriting

Yesterday was a year since the singer’s An Empty Dream song was sold on the shelves of the store, the song that became a part of Corazón Muerto (Dead Heart). As a sign of this, we could now find some interest in the song and its video, but there was some small thing about the recent song Undertaker, released recently as a live recording.

“The song An Empty Dream was presented by me Mariano Cattaneo in Argentina. I listened, I liked it and wished I could work with it, because the song sounded like mine. I rewritten the song in English, after watching the movie, I started working on melodies. I got a lot of music for the movie. The film version of the song is a composer’s and a filmmaker’s version, and this can be found on my album. Just a little different.”

– she said about the song, then picked up her video as well as the specialty of the song Undertaker:

“We also shooted the video where the film was, in an old abandoned factory in Buenos Aires. The scene was very spooky. It was an honor to work with the protagonist of the film, Ariadna Asturius and other members of the staff. When I was wondering which song to put on my special album for The Shadow Self, I immediately remembered the Undertaker song, which is an important song for me, as we wrote with Örvarsson of Atli, the composer of the film.”

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