Tarja: “My new Christmas album is a very personal piece.”

The singer told about her latest album!

On November 17, she released her new work on the stores shelves the finnish beauty, titled From Spirits And The Ghosts/Score For A Dark Christmas, which includes a rewriting of some Christmas songs and a new song entitled “Together”. An interview with the album about Heavy Music HQ was given to Nightwish’s former frontwoman.

The discs with dark feelings are based on personal experiences, Tarja tells about them.

“Everything I do is extremely personal, not everyone is happy at Christmas, and many people are not happy by the teddy bears and the lights, I lost my mother in 2003. Then I felt there is not Christmas anymore, I felt bad I was not ready for the feast, I did not keep it, but it was just a bitter blunder and emptiness, and after I became a mother and saw the joy and the glitter in my daughter’s eyes, I started to feel the charm of Christmas again, and it was a wonderful feeling I wanted to make an album for all those people who feel the kind of loneliness like I after my mom’s death, I hope I can give them a little hope with the songs. “

– began the singer who betrayed: in fact, with this album, she could let go of the pain she felt for 14 years.

“I wanted to include songs that I had previously sung or wanted to record.”

But how did the singer in the middle of the Caribbean sea to identify with the dark?


“It was strange, but I did not mind getting tuned to the mood of the album, and if I want to release a record before Christmas, I have work in the summer!”

Together with the album, Tarja had also revealed with a novel her fans, She told about it:

“The Together song gave the base. I did not want a cartoon novel, but a thing that would relieve the reader. I never did anything like that before, but I like the challenges. “

But which one was the favorite childhood Christmas memory to Tarja?

“I played piano and sang, and my family sang with me. It was wonderful!”

The sopran singer was also highlighted by the difference between a European and an Argentine Christmas:

“In Finland can be -30 degrees, while in Argentina it’s around +30 degrees Celsius!”

– laughing the singer!


“In Finland I had quiet holidays, my family met and we ate together. In Buenos Aires the people are watching fireworks.”

And does Tarja plans to release another metal album?

“I’ve made three releases in the past year and work hard every day. I’ve already started writing my next rock album, but next year I’m going to be a DVD release (Act II), so I’ll be on tour with my Christmas album.”



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