Tarja is preparing another surprises

We still do not know about specifics

The recently-published about the Finnish beauty’s dark-emotional Christmas album, but she does not relax. She is on tour and a few days ago at her Buenos Aires concert with Delain’s frontwoman Charlotte Wessels and Elize Ryd (Amaranthe) sang her song Together, and yesterday posted her mysterious posts on Facebook.

As we reported, she shared the German metal queen, Doro Pesch’s image with the “expect the unexpected” hashtag, but browsing Tarja’s community profile, she has seen Michael Monroe, Tony Kakko and Elize Ryd’s portrait with the same hashtag.

What has recently been revealed by Nightwish’s ex-singer to the Heavy Music HQ website that she is working on her next album, but did not reveal anything about the disc that she is making. Since the aforementioned artists have previously worked with the singer, it is not excluded that Tarja will sing along with them.


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