Tarja: Die Alive debuted 10 years ago!

Calendars were written 2005 when the Finnish singer was forced to leave Nightwish, which she also founded. However, the vocalist did not give up her dreams: in 2007 she began her solo career, and her first solo album also marks My Winter Storm this year. There were several successful songs on the record, including Die Alive, which also appeared as a single.

The popularly popular publication has been released ten years ago by ex-Nightwish singer, and she shared what the lyrics the one of her most popular songs is:

“This song is about moments in your life. It’s a warrior song without sword and blood. Fight for what you want to do if you die tomorrow, you die alive.”

– explained.

The music video for the song, however, shows a very dark world in front of our eyes, which is far apart from the singer’s earlier works, which she still made with her band.

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