Tales of Evening: The new album is on the way!

The Hungarian Tales of Evening band with Ivett Dudás on the front, was formed in 2011. The idea comes from the band’s keyboardist who wanted to hear their own instrumental songs in a different style. He then sought out musicians, so the band was formed.

Their first album was released in 2012 under the title “Hallhatatlan Lélek” via Hammerworld-Nail Records. In 2013, they performed with renowned bands such as Sabaton and Rhapsody.

Their single (Szél Feltámad) has been released in May 2013 in Hungarian and English, and in February 2015, their second album, Szilánkok, was released in the first appeared in Hungarian in Hammerworld Magazine.

In 2012, the band finished in the Top 10 in several categories by the Hammerworld’s poll:

– Favorite HammerWorld Attachment: Tales Of Evening-Hallhatatlan Lélek
– 2013’s Talent: 4. Tales Of Evening (international field)
– Favorite singer: 9. Ivett Dudás (international field)
– Favorite Keyboardist: 4. Attila Ádám (international field)
– Video of the Year: 10. Tales Of Evening-Inkább Egyedül (international field)

Over the last few days, the band has provided some good news on Facebook for their fans. Their new album is in the making! The band has become literally moved to the studio where they recording the new songs.

Ivett has already sung the new songs, but the post-work is still behind.

The band also announced that on the Rockmaraton Festival in the summer they will be playing such as well-known bands like Arkona or Alestorm.

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