THE TIP to wreak havoc in dozens of European clubs!

The band hit the road again!

New bands: Asphodelia from Italy

Dark symphonic from Italy

Imperial Age showed their Tour Bus

Jane is your personal guide

Video premiere: Luminosa – Horizons

New project from Mary!

Video premiere: Arkona-V pogonie za beloj ten’yu

Arkona’s new music video!

Video premiere: Kamelot-Under Grey Skies feat. Charlotte Wessels

Christmas present from the band!

Listen to the new album of Visions of Atlantis!

New album comes in February!

Video Premiere: Therion-Temple of new Jerusalem

New video from Therion!

Video Premiere: Xandria-Ship of Doom

New video from Xandria!

Video premiere!

Nemesea-Hear Me

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