Interview with Imperial Age!

Interview with the band!

Cristina Scabbia finds Spotify is a cool thing

Christina finds Spotify a great thing!

Listen to the new album of Visions of Atlantis!

New album comes in February!

Video Premiere: Therion-Temple of new Jerusalem

New video from Therion!

Video Premiere: Xandria-Ship of Doom

New video from Xandria!

Eleine-Until The End

Eleine-Until The End

Henriette Bordvik

Henriette Bordvik’s carreer from Sirenia to Asagraum and Abyssic!

Semblant will be back in 2018!

Mizuho Lin and the boys recording their new album!

Sharon Den Adel released a new song!

My Indigo-Sharon Den Adel new song, tracklist and cover

Video premiere!

Nemesea-Hear Me

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