Imperia-Fear Is An Illusion

New album is now pre-orderable

Sirenia’s new video has arrived

Watch the video on YouTube!

Song premiere: Sirenia-Into The Night

The new song available only in digital format.

Sirenia new album is pre-orderable

The new album comes in the end of October

New Sirenia album in October!

The album is already pre-orderable!

Liv Kristine: “The Leaves’ Eyes should have changed their name”

Interview with the singer!

Here is the new Midnattsol song

The album comes in May!

Video premiere: Leaves’ Eyes-Across the Sea

Leaves’ Eyes new music video premiere!

Henriette Bordvik

Henriette Bordvik’s carreer from Sirenia to Asagraum and Abyssic!

Video premiere: Leaves’ Eyes-The Sign Of The Dragonhead

New video from Leave’s Eyes!

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