new single

Infected Rain signed with Napalm Records

New album is coming soon!
New video is out!


New single is out!

Rage of Light-Fallen videopremiere

The album comes out at the end of March.

Within Temptation-Supernova

New video and the album is out now!

Lyria: “Don’t Try To Change Me”

New single from the band is out now!

Cellar Darling: Concept Album is on the way!

New album is coming in March!

Forever Still-Rew1nd

New album comes in the end of March!

Ireland’s DEAD LABEL: New single and video out after transformation into quartet!

New single from the quartet!

Secret Rule-Destruction

New single is out! New album is coming on January 25!

CEILD: Last single and video before album release!

A View is out now!

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