new music video

Nightwish shooting a new music video

New album will be released in 2020!

Video premiere: Arkona-V pogonie za beloj ten’yu

Arkona’s new music video!

Video premiere!

Video Premier from Ailyn and D├ębler!

Dark Sarah: New album comes in spring

Dark Sarah album comes in spring!

Epica released a live video!

Epica’s new live video!

Video premiere!

New video and album from Amberian Dawn!

New single from The Dark Element

New album from Dark Element!

Video Premiere!

Eluveitie-Rebirth The Swiss folk-metal band, Eluveitie’s album Evocation II was released this year, but the band works on. We have watched their latest video, Lvgvs, which was the last music video from their previous album, but now the new short film was released for the title track for their next

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